April 2010
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Opposed Obamacare and the Takeover of Your Healthcare

Mike Turner was proud to vote no on the health care legislation railroaded through Congress and recently signed into law by the President.  This bill was a missed opportunity. While we all understand that our health care system is not perfect, improving the system required sensible legislation that expanded patient options, protected doctors, and gave taxpayers peace of mind. Mike believes that this bill will be harmful to the American health care system and will also lead to a huge increase in government spending that America simply cannot afford.

Perhaps the most disturbing and saddening element of the health care debate that consumed the United States Congress and the American people is that it distracted from the single most pressing issue facing our country today: jobs.

Here in the Third Congressional District of Ohio we know all too well the painful effects caused by this national recession. Mike Turner led efforts to provide retraining and continuing adult education benefits to displaced workers in order to give them the tools they need to be competitive in today’s global economy. He has also worked throughout his time in Congress to make sure our community has the resources it needs to expand on the extraordinary resources located at high technology hubs like Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Wright State University, and the University of Dayton.

Unfortunately, Congressional leaders and the President have decided to focus their time and resources during this critical moment in our nation’s history on a divisive and poorly thought out health care scheme. This legislation will reduce options for health care consumers, lower the quality of care in some of the finest hospitals and medical facilities in the world, cost billions of dollars to implement, and put bureaucrats in Washington in charge of the 1/6 of our economy that is the health care sector. Mike Turner will fight for you by continuing his opposition to this government takeover of health care.

1 comment to Opposed Obamacare and the Takeover of Your Healthcare

  • Robert T. Duff

    I am concerned about the HR ruling for reduction in payment to Doctors under Medicare and TriCare, effectilve 1 April. This may prevent a back operation which I have been waiting for since November 2009.

    If necessary, I will try to make up the difference in the billing with my own funds. (Is this possible?)

    Thank You,

    R. T. Duff

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