February 2011
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Pentagon to support bill to protect troops' child custody rights

In an about-face, the Pentagon now supports the idea of federal legislation to better protect troops’ child custody rights.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirmed the move Wednesday during a Defense Department budget hearing with the House Armed Services Committee. He said the Pentagon would begin working with Congress immediately to help craft a bill to ensure servicemembers are not unduly penalized in child custody disputes because of their military service.

In a letter Tuesday to Rep. Michael Turner, R-Ohio, a member of the armed services committee, Gates wrote, “The Defense Department has been officially opposed to federal legislation on this matter. However, I have been giving this matter a lot of thought and we should change our position.” Turner has sponsored such legislation since 2006 but has been unable to overcome opposition in the Senate.

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1 comment to Pentagon to support bill to protect troops’ child custody rights

  • Jeffrey Lemire

    Hi Mr Turner. I’m a service member currently serving in the Iraqi theater. I’m also a single parent with placement of my children. I know that you are a great advocate of military child custody issues. I have been looking to see if the legislation that you have championed has been submitted or voted upon and I cannot find anything at this time. Could you please pushed this forward. I’m afraid after serving here that the reality is I will lose my children after this deployment. You can contact me also at Jeffrey.H.Lemire@kuwait.swa.army.mil. I am with B Co 3-197. We are doing convoy security missions into Iraq bring equipment back. Thank You SFC Jeffrey Lemire

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