March 2011
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Turner Supports Passage of the Form 1099 Provision Repeal

Congressman Mike Turner released the following statement upon the passage of the Repeal of ObamaCare’s Form 1099 provision repeal:

“Today the House took an important step towards eliminating just one of the onerous costs ObamaCare has placed on our nation’s job creators. While the unemployment rates in areas of the Third District exceed 14 percent, this burdensome provision in the President’s healthcare bill requires businesses to file a separate Form 1099 whenever they conduct a transaction with a vendor in excess of $600 a year. That means each time a company buys a plane ticket, spends money at the local gas station, or buys coffee from a corner shop for employees – if it’s over $600 throughout the year, there’s now a form to fill out. Without repeal, this will affect over 800,000 businesses across Ohio. Those businesses won’t be hiring new employees in our communities if they have to spend the majority of their time filling out forms. In order to help our neighbors get back to work, Congress should be making it easier for businesses to hire and expand, not bogging them down with new requirements. I hope the Senate will join us in finding ways to put Ohioans back to work.”

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