March 2011
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Turner Announces Legislation to Eliminate Obamacare Tax on First Responder Equipment

Repeal Would Help Medical Device Manufacturers Create Jobs and Grow the Economy

Mike Turner announced the reintroduction of legislation which would repeal the Obamacare excise tax on first responder equipment. Elimination of this tax, which was signed into law one year ago today, will help businesses like local manufacturer Ferno – Washington, Inc. create jobs and grow the economy.

“This provision in Obamacare places an undue burden on manufacturers of life saving equipment. Driving up the cost of their products discourages budget strained municipalities from investing in new equipment, and stunts the growth of our struggling economy,” said Congressman Turner.

Turner’s legislation repeals the excise tax in Obamacare on medical devices utilized by first responders and ambulance services providing pre-hospital care or emergency transportation to a medical facility. Ferno-Washington, Inc. is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of professional emergency, mortuary, and healthcare products targeted primarily to first responders.

“The effects of Obamacare on our economy are detrimental and real. Adding an additional tax onto these products drives up their price and deters potential purchases of a product from a business in our community. If that business isn’t increasing sales, they’re not growing the economy and they’re not creating jobs,” added Turner.

Proponents of the excise tax, set to go in effect in 2013, argue that medical device revenue will go up as insurance coverage expands, but that reasoning does not apply to emergency services. Increases in the number of people insured will not substantially increase the number of emergency medical service transports. Leaving this tax in place will increase the cost of emergency care and inhibit innovation and employment at manufactures of emergency medical equipment.

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