May 2011
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Turner Amendment to NDAA Would Halt Enterprise Logistics System Consolidation

Air Force Would Have to Provide a Cost-Benefit Analysis to be Evaluated by Congress

Congressman Mike Turner announced today that he will be offering an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which would halt funding for the consolidation of the Enterprise Logistics System Program pending a report to Congress. The report would be a cost-benefit analysis of the consolidation performed by the Air Force, which then must be approved by the House Armed Services Committee.

“Prior to the consolidation of this program, Congress must have a full understanding about the costs associated with this move. In a time of strained budgets, we must be sure that this move is of benefit to both the taxpayers and our warfighters,” said Turner.

Turner’s amendment follows the release of a widely distributed email by Brigadier General Kenneth Moran which indicated that the Air Force will consolidate the Enterprise Logistics portfolio, which is managed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, with the Enterprise Information Systems portfolio, which is managed at Gunter Annex, Alabama. General Moran heads the Enterprise Logistics System Directorate at Wright-Patterson.

“In the past attempts have been made to consolidate this program. Each time we’ve heard of ‘justifications,’ but we’ve yet to see exactly what those are. This study ensures those justifications are explained, studied, and then examined by Congress,” added Turner.

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