June 2011
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Turner Introduces House Resolution Disapproving of Military Action in Libya

Legislation Has the Bipartisan Support of House Members

Congressman Mike Turner introduced a House Concurrent Resolution (H.Con.Res. 58) which states that “Congress does not approve United States intervention in Libya.” The resolution was introduced with the bipartisan support of 62 original cosponsors.

“Since the President engaged the United States in military action in Libya, he has not explained to Congress what the U.S.’ role is, nor has he clearly outlined how that role will be carried out. In the over 60 days since U.S. involvement began, we have watched our mission evolve considerably. Recently, U.S. Adm. Samuel Locklear, Commander of the Allied Joint Force Command in Naples overseeing the operation, even suggested that this effort will likely require soldiers on the ground to ensure stability in the region once Gaddafi is removed” said Turner.

Turner added that, “Secretary Gates came before Congress and was unable to answer basic questions such as who the rebel forces are. Additionally, we don’t know their plans for a government structure, political ideology, their geopolitical view towards their neighbors or the U.S, or their commitment to domestic diversity. We are also unsure about the status of Gaddafi’s weapons of mass destruction, and if al-Qaeda is operating in the country – where they had not been previously.”

“This action thus far has placed us in a dangerous position and this resolution sends a clear message to the President that Congress disapproves of our role in Libya,” concluded Turner.

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