January 2021
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Turner Statement on the President’s Announced Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Today, Congressman Mike Turner released the following statement upon the President’s announcement that he will be removing 30,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2012:

“This evening the President announced that he will be withdrawing 30,000 troops from Afghanistan. That nation, according to our military leaders on the ground, remains a fragile security environment [...]

Rep. Turner Honored as a “Champion of National Security” by the Center for Security Policy

Today, the Center for Security Policy recognized Mike Turner as one of their “Champions of National Security.” Rep. Turner received a 100% rating on the Center’s National Security Scorecard for his voting record in the 111th [...]

Turner visits Afghanistan to assess military issues

A recent trip to Afghanistan by Congressman Michael Turner (R-OH) elucidated some of the region’s deeply entrenched problems and the challenges faced by coalition force there.

Turner stated that, as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, he wanted to get a firmer grip on the military and political issues that currently beset Afghanistan.

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Observations from Afghanistan

Only a few days after our country celebrated its 234th birthday this July 4, I had the honor to visit with our men and women in uniform in Afghanistan. I was inspired by the sacrifices our soldiers – and their families – make, day in and day out. I was grateful to have the opportunity to thank them in person and to bring the greetings of a proud nation from half a world [...]

Tackling the Opium Trade is Key to Finishing the War in Afghanistan

Recent reports from U.S. military leaders in Afghanistan show American troops and technology are beginning to turn the tide in that conflict. Ongoing air strikes on terrorist targets using remote- piloted “drones” are having an effect as Afghan forces increasingly struggle to communicate with each other and villagers refuse to offer them places to hide.

We [...]