January 2021
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Turner Statement on Debt Limit Vote

Congressman Mike Turner released the following statement upon the House rejecting an increase of the nation’s statutory debt limit:

“This evening a bipartisan majority of the House recognized that Washington cannot continue its path of excessive spending, without enacting real reforms that will cut spending and create jobs. Over the past four years, I have voted [...]

To Remain a World Leader, U.S. Must Stop Mounting Debt

By Congressman Michael Turner

The United States is a world leader and not just in the areas of research, democracy, or military supremacy; we’re also one of the top 12 countries in the world when it comes to government debt. Since paying off our debt in the 1800’s for the only time in our history, we’ve [...]

Our Government Cannot Continue to Operate on a Week to Week Budget

For the past two years, our Government has been running on short term budgets — or in Washington language, “continuing resolutions.” These agreements passed by the House and Senate, then signed into law by the President, serve as place holders to keep the government running.

Continuing resolutions cannot take the place of permanent budgets. Ohio families [...]

To Remain a World Leader, We Must Balance our Budget

Only once in our nation’s history have we ever paid off our national debt. Today, after years of deficits and borrowed spending initiated by both political parties, our federal budget is on an unsustainable path. Since January 4, 2007, the federal government has run up $5.177 trillion in new debt. That is roughly equal to [...]

My Statement on the President’s Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Proposal

We are in a debt crisis, and offering a budget which projects a $1.6 trillion deficit while raising taxes on struggling families does nothing to address this [...]

My Statement on the President’s State of the Union Address

This evening the President rightly recognized the American people’s call for both parties to work together. I was encouraged to hear of his support to keep our country competitive in research and technology in the innovative spirit of the Wright brothers. [...]

Laying the Groundwork for Strengthening National Defense, Southwestern Ohio Economy

In my position as the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee for the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work to ensure that Ohioans, as well as our men and women in uniform, have the resources they need to succeed. These efforts include a continued focus on creating jobs, [...]

Reps. Turner and Austria Press DoD on the Importance of the Expeditionary Combat Support System Program

Congressman Mike Turner of Dayton and Congressman Steve Austria of Beavercreek. who represent Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Congress, today sent a bipartisan delegation letter to the Defense Department expressing concern about the Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) program, currently headquartered in Beavercreek, could be downsized resulting in the loss of hundreds of SW Ohio [...]

Senior Role on the House Armed Services Committee is Critical to the Future of Wright-Patterson and the Regional Economy

Senior Role on the House Armed Services Committee is Critical to the Future of Wright-Patterson and the Regional [...]

Rebuilding Ohio’s Manufacturing Base is Critical to the Future Economic Health of Our Region

The last decade has been challenging for the State of Ohio’s manufacturing sector, especially here in the Dayton region. Between May 2000 and May 2010, the Dayton metropolitan area lost over half of its production workforce, around 42,000 manufacturing jobs. The unemployment rate in Clinton, Montgomery and Highland Counties is significantly higher than the national average and many of those lost jobs were in the manufacturing sector. [...]