January 2021
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Turner Statement on Obama Defense Budget Cut Proposal

Congressman Mike Turner released the following statement upon the news that President Obama has suggested $400 billion in cuts to the Department of Defense:
“While I share the President’s goal of a government that lives within its means, it should not come at the expense of our national defense. His suggestion of an arbitrary cut of [...]

Turner Announces Legislation to Eliminate Obamacare Tax on First Responder Equipment

Repeal Would Help Medical Device Manufacturers Create Jobs and Grow the Economy

Mike Turner announced the reintroduction of legislation which would repeal the Obamacare excise tax on first responder equipment. Elimination of this tax, which was signed into law one year ago today, will help businesses like local manufacturer Ferno – Washington, Inc. create jobs and [...]

Turner Supports Common Sense Economic Policies

At a time when Washington seems overwhelmed with the desire to spend enormous sums of taxpayer dollars, Mike Turner has been a voice for fiscal restraint and common sense.  Mike Turner has represented your values with his voting record:

• Voted twice against the government takeover of health care
• Voted against the $700 Billion [...]

Opposed Obamacare and the Takeover of Your Healthcare

Mike Turner was proud to vote no on the health care legislation railroaded through Congress and recently signed into law by the President.  This bill was a missed opportunity. While we all understand that our health care system is not perfect, improving the system required sensible legislation that expanded patient options, protected doctors, and gave [...]

President Shifts Focus to Jobs in State of the Union

Last week, the president appeared before Congress and the nation to deliver his first State of the Union address. During his speech, he presented his legislative agenda and national priorities to the American people. The president was correct in making job creation the central focus of his speech. Unfortunately, the president’s strategy for creating jobs and growing our economy by expanding government spending and continuing to flaunt the federal stimulus is the wrong [...]

Administration’s “Czar” Appointments Raise Serious Concerns

The Obama administration came to office in January pledging not only to bring change but to also operate in a more transparent fashion than previous administrations. While there has been a dramatic shift in policy, it also appears the new administration has done very little to facilitate more transparency and accountability in governing. [...]

It’s Time to Halt the Government’s Takeover of the Economy

According to news accounts, the Treasury Department isn’t ruling out keeping the federal government’s bailout program going beyond its one-year authorization. [...]